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No Thaumcraft Aura Nodes?

Discussion in 'KookyKraftMC Unabridged' started by Ghastlyembers, Jun 11, 2017.

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    Was running around today looking for aura nodes to start my thaumcraft adventure and couldn't find a single one apart from the rare nodes in obelisks and silverwood trees. Just curious if someone ran around and broke every node in a huge area around everyone (no one else can find any) or if there was a world gen bug that prevented them from spawning. Just in case whoever is reading this does not know thaumcraft the nodes (only spawn in worldgen) are essential to nearly everything the mod has to offer+all of its addons. just wondering if it was known or not.
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    This thread is quite old, but i'd like to answer for future reference.
    I am unsure why this is the case, but node spawn has been set to only occur once every 35 chunks.
    You will need to use other nodes, such as sinisters, or create your own node(You can use hungries or etc to do this)

    Sorry about that.

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