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Discussion in 'KookyKraftMC SkyFactory' started by Dr.ghast, Sep 30, 2017.

  1. I can not join any of the sky factory servers i click the compass and click sky factory and nothing happens and if i click more than once it says "you have already selected this server. help!!!
  2. I am also having this issue
  3. It seems that you have been trying to go into the sky factory server through the server lobby. Have you tried going in directly through the ip dress for the sky factory server? I think that would be able to provide more information as to what is happening.
  4. im wait for 3 days now for sf3a server
  5. im wait for 3 days now for sf3a server
  6. i m wait for 3 days now for sf3a server
  7. whats the ip?
  8. Sky Factory 2.4 | ATL | Version 2.4 | sf2.kookykraftmc.net
    Sky Factory 2.5 | FTB | Version 2.5.6 | sf25.kookykraftmc.net or sf25b.kookykraftmc.net
    Sky Factory 3 | FTB | Version 3.0.13 | sf3.kookykraftmc.net or sf3b.kookykraftmc.net
  9. dont work to in sf3 A
  10. You're using the wrong version.

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