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can not log on

Discussion in 'KookyKraftMC CrundeeCraft' started by Xx_WolfieXAsh_xX, Jun 12, 2017.

  1. I was moving base because I was want to move t another area because I was not want to be in ocean biome but when i put the drives in the golden bag of holding i can not log on btw no one of our team loged on it mean no one cares about playing this modpack i am not griefing
  2. Hello! Unfortunatly, since you put too many ME drives in one golden bag, the golden bag would have to be removed from your inventory, resulting in the lose of the drives. A higher staff member will have to do such action.
  3. no but but my stuff I wanted back
  4. pls how about give me the half od the drives and u can have the reset
  5. it mean i am gone to be poor

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