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Banned Items

Discussion in 'KookyKraftMC Unabridged' started by TacoTia, Oct 6, 2017.

  1. Hey, been away for a while, summer is my busy season, I'm now back and see some new servers, Really Cool!!
    I'm wondering about the banned items for unabridged. The link in the sticky post goes not to the banned items list.
    My actual question is, I had purchased the digital miner which I believe was for all servers but that item is no longer an option in the all servers list of the shop.
    Before I go to all the trouble to build one, Is it banned and does my previous purchase still stand?
  2. Thanks for the info,
    Last winter I had purchased the Digital Miner from the KookyKraft store, as well as several other things (more claim blocks, chunk loader, etc) as I remember, it was supposed to be for all qualifying kookykraft servers. I still have my claim blocks, so that's not an issue.

    So my actual question is does this previous purchase still count in this server? If not, that's fine, I just need to know before I go to the trouble to build one and lose all the mats.

    Thanks again.
  3. Hi.
    Technically, quarries are donor only, pertaining to your in-game rank.
    However, if you've previously purchased the miner, it should be craftable, as you should have the requisite permissions.
    @TimeTheCat Am i wrong?
  4. It worked! Crafted and it didn't disappear so thank you for the help.
    Next question, is there a mining dimension?
  5. Depends on the modpack you are on. Since you're on Unbridged, you would use the Deep Dark Portal from Extra Utilities.
  6. Galaticraft interferes with that portal, so please utilize our server /warp command instead.

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