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  1. icerhikoui
  2. SSMHaxxer
    SSMHaxxer TheOnlyOneLeft
    Hey! I can't connect to project ozone servers! My IGN is SSMHaxxer. I know mojang servers are up and I'm the only one accessing my account, so I can assume there's a problem with my uuid. The server kicks me saying "Invalud UUID or Mojang Servers are down.". Please help!
    1. TheOnlyOneLeft
      It is a problem with Mojang servers, they are working to resolve the issue
      Jun 26, 2017 at 6:39 PM
  3. James Millington
  4. Aiza Scarlett
    Aiza Scarlett
    Always Aim For The Top
  5. stevenreed
    how do you fix the "Invalid uuid or mojang's servers are down."
  6. leones93
    leones93 stevenreed
    Hi there! You dont need to get whitelisted to the PoZ Servers.
    You can get the ModPack from the Curse/Twitch launcher. Make sure to install the correct version the server is using, that is 2.2.4.
  7. secretly edgar
    secretly edgar
    horrible lag atm and it makes me want 2 die
  8. secretly edgar
    secretly edgar
    ew i just got this acc
  9. stevenreed
    how do i apply to get whitelisted to the project ozone 2 servers? helpplz
  10. ben12
    how do i apply to get whitelisted to the project ozone 2 servers?
    stevenreed likes this.
  11. xJAMMAx
    Ahhh, the best server: KookyKraftMC. At least on Modpacks.
  12. Cole Elliott
    Cole Elliott Mandy
    Hello, I was trying to log onto the FoolCraft KookyKraft Server. When I typed in the IP Address it did not let me join. Thanks!
  13. Drew
    Drew TheOnlyOneLeft
    Hey theonlyoneleft. Could you possibly make me the owner of Codeyterwey10's island on sky factory 2.4. bc I'm the only one that plays on the island and plus he's banned from kookykraft all together. I would appreciate it if its possible to make me owner of the island instead of him.
    1. TheOnlyOneLeft
      Jun 26, 2017 at 6:40 PM
  14. Area_54
    Unspecified errors if i try to respond to threads :/
  15. joshnosk
    joshnosk Mandy
    Hello, I used to play this server alot, it's been maybe 6 months to a year since I played on it. I recently decided to get back on and play on it, and noticed my rank (katgod) was no longer attached to my person. Idk if this is because I've changed my username since then (Sam_Winchester_ , username used to be joshnosk), I've actually talked to you before on the matter, go to my previous postings :).
  16. Blakeapotamus
    Blakeapotamus MrFisher_
    Hey I'm not exactly how this works but I started a conversation with you asking if you could help me fix my problem. Pretty much I tried buying something from the poz server market while the server was being a little laggy and I ended up wasting $70000 on an item that I never got.
  17. Chrisc3570
    Chrisc3570 DistortedVisuals
    Can you help me on the SkyFactory 3:B server I have a item in my inventory that keeps kicking me from the server
  18. Pablo
    Imagina, hazlo!
  19. Chrisc3570
    I keep getting kicked from the SkyFactory 3 B server because I made a stone chest plate can you help?
  20. AtomicBomb
    Whoa there, way too spicy!